Dear Flink employees,


Another headshot day will be organised on Friday, January 20th. I’m looking forward to photographing you all! 😁

The location of the shoot is Flink HQ, Parnassusweg in Amsterdam. 

Here you can book a time slot that fits your schedule and if you scroll down a bit further you will find some tips when it comes to clothing and more.

See you soon!




The most important thing about clothing is that you should feel comfortable wearing it and you should absolutely like it. This will automatically trigger some confidence!

In general, clothing is a subjective matter. However, there are a few general pointers I can give:

Keep it simple. Busy patterns, textures and neck lines form a distraction from what is most important: your expression.

Try to avoid clothing that is too loose and see-through materials.
I love turtleneck sweaters, button-up shirts, blouses, jackets, multiple layers, and even a good quality hoodie.

If you’re not sure about it, bring multiple options!


Good hair can make or break headshots, so please give it the appropriate amount of attention. Imagine you are going to an important job interview and you want to look your best.

Important: Please bring any hair and make up products that you use. Dutch weather can be tricky and mess things up. If you bring your products, you can always save the day!


I believe that less is more when it comes to make up. I always advise to keep it as natural as possible. Just as busy patterns in clothing, heavy make up will form a distraction.

Here are a few pointers:

Skin: I prefer liquid foundation over powder as powder can make the skin look dry. The main objective is to even out skin tone, not to cover up imperfections so don’t overdo it. I have a great retoucher that will take care of the imperfections later.

Eyebrows: These come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are more blessed than others in this department. My advice is to lightly fill them if necessary, but don’t do too much and try to avoid hard edges.

Lips: Some lip gloss or balm is always welcome. Avoid lip liner and making your lips bigger by applying it passed the edges of your lips. This becomes very visible in headshots and it doesn’t look good.

Eyes: Many times I get comments about how great eyes come out in my images. That’s intentional, because they’re very important. What we don’t want to do is cover them in make up, so again: less is more. Avoid clunky mascara and fake eyelashes if possible. If you use eyeshadow, keep it as close to your skin tone as possible.


In general, large earrings or necklaces form a distraction from your expression and that’s why I usually ask to remove them. Instead I would recommend wearing small earrings or small studs.


Studio locatie: C.A.S.T. – Buizerdlaan 6, Nieuwegein
Instagram: @justin_zuure