Dear Optiver employees,

On this page you can book your session for a new and clean headshot! Use the calendar below to choose a time slot that suits you best. Also, you’ll find some tips for the best preparation. 😉

Looking forward to seeing you!

All best,


General tips

To give it all you got and look your best for the shoot, try the following things in the days leading up to the session:

– get enough sleep
– drink enough water


Here are some general pointers:

– Keep it simple and try to avoid busy patterns
– Avoid see-through materials and loose clothing
– Sweaters, dress shirts/blouses, turtle necks and jackets are all good examples!


Unless you’re lacking some hair growing horsepower like me (read: don’t have much hair), it is important to pay some attention to it for your headshots. If you use certain products, please bring them with you so you can make some last minute adjustments. You never know what the Dutch weather can destroy!


A general rule for make-up and headshots: less is more. I always suggest to keep it as natural as possible. However, if the way you apply your make-up is part of your identity, don’t change too much.

Keep the following pointers in mind:

1) Try to avoid chunky mascara and products that have a shiny effect (usually products that contain SPF). Also, heavy eye-liner, colorful shadow, powder, and penciled in eyebrows.

2) Shiny lipstick is usually better than matte lipstick. It’s always good to bring some chapstick to prevent dry lips.

Again: these are just pointers, I don’t want you to show up as a different person! The most important thing is that people recognize you in the photo. 😉


Larges pieces of jewelry tend to form a distraction in headshots. That’s why I usually ask people to remove their big earrings and some necklaces. Small rings or studs are fine! If you’re not sure, just bring what you’d like to wear and we can discuss it at the session. 


Studio locatie: C.A.S.T. – Buizerdlaan 6, Nieuwegein
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