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You’ve got the qualities, let me help you look like you do.

A strong headshot enables you…

….to pursue a new challenge

LinkedIn-profiles with a good headshot get 21x more views and receive up to 36x more messages than profiles without.


…to stand out from the crowd

A strong headshot captures attention and makes sure you won’t be overlooked.

…to gain trust

Are you a specialist in your field of work? A good headshot will help you gain credibility to live up to that status.

Great headshots are by-products of a great experience

I’m one hundred percent convinced that if you’re having a good time, this will be translated to the pictures. So what’s my main goal? Exactly, to make sure that you’re having a good time. That’s why we’ll be playing some good music and we’ll have a good time. My sessions don’t have a time limit, so we don’t have to worry about the next client walking through the door.

Your picture is my responsibility.

‘I hate having my picture taken.’

Does that sound familiar? A large majority of the people I photograph tell me this and I totally get it! Having your picture taken can be awkward and uncomfortable. But why is that? It’s because you’re not used to having your picture taken and you have no idea what you should do. “3, 2, 1, smile!” is not sufficient if you’re looking for authenticity.

Let me let you look like your true self.

‘I’m not photogenic.’

I don’t believe that not being photogenic is a valid excuse for not having a good headshot. I believe that people experience various amounts of (dis)comfort while being photographed and that this is visible in the expressions. Some people love standing in front of a camera and completely own the situation, others prefer to run away as fast as possible. No matter which type you are, it’s my responsibility.

What you can expect

Sessions without time limits 

The main focus is on the end result. My sessions don’t have a time limit so everyone gets the attention that they deserve without having to worry about time running out. All people are different. Getting the expressions we want might take a bit longer for one some people and that is totally fine. By eliminating time pressure we make sure there is enough time to get these expressions and also have enough time for clothing and background variations.

We’re gonna have a good time!

We start off with something to drink and we’ll take a look at the outfits you brought in. After we make a plan we will start the session and I will be coaching your posture and expression. I will be teaching you some things that might feel a bit odd (“feels weird, looks good!), but things that you will be able to apply during the session. The session will be relaxed, we’ll be playing some of your favorite music if you’d like and we’ll be having a good time. During the session there will be one or two moments where we have a look at the images to make sure everything is still going according to plan and we’ll end up with a selection of images with a variety of expressions. 

You decide what you spend

After we’re done shooting the selection process starts. We’ll go through the set and you will be able to choose the images you’d like to purchase. I’ll be there to help you if you need me. This way you are in full control of the images you will buy and how much you will be spending. The images you choose will be professionally retouched and will be delivered after about a week.

Great as a gift!

Are you looking for a great gift for a birthday, graduation, or just because you like giving presents? A gift certificate for a headshot session is a great idea. It comes in the form of a booklet with space for a personal message, example images, and information about the session. You decide how many images you would like to include.

Please fill out this contact form and I will contact you as soon as possible. Also feel free to give me a call at or send a (Whatsapp) message to +31 6 5141 8572. Or email me at!

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Telefoon: +31 6 5141 8572

 Instagram: @justin_zuure

Locatie studio: Varrolaan 100, 3584 BW Utrecht